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Why Choose Independent Study

over 2 years ago

Is Independent Study For You?


If you…

· Want a more flexible schedule.

· Are self motivated

· Are Goal Oriented

· Want to be away from the school social atmosphere


But Also ….

· Want to participate in extra curricular activities ..sports, music productions, drama classes.

· Want to take some college courses

· Want to take some courses on your high school campus

· Want to graduate with your class


Individualized Learning Plan can include:

· Traditional Independent Studies course work

· Online course work

· College preparatory course work

· Any courses of interest that are held on the Mount Shasta, Weed, and McCloud High School campuses including: Music, Drama, Art, Woodworking, Drafting, Construction, Computers, Business, Automotive, Welding, Foreign Language, Publishing, Culinary Arts and other academic or vocational courses.

· College courses

· Work experience

· Community service projects

· Learning support centers located in each community

· Access to extracurricular activities including athletics and school sponsored events