How to Enroll

3 years ago

Students and parents interested in Ind. Study ... please contact your school principal or counselor.

Applications for I.S. are available at the school in which you are enrolled  

The school Principal must  approve the application. They will be looking for the likelihood that the student is

· Highly motivated

· Self-disciplined

· Has the ability to work independently      


Upon application approval, parents attend an initial meeting with student and an I.S. teacher to sign a Master Agreement which details the course of study and responsibilities of the student and parent(s). 

Independent study students may take some classes on campus, play on their school’s sports teams, attend school dances and after school functions,  and graduate “on stage” with their class.


Staying in I.S. -   There are no excused absences on  Independent Study. 

Students will be dropped from I.S. if they fail to meet regularly with the teacher and turn in all assignments. 

If a student is dropped from I.S. in the middle of the semester, entry back into the comprehensive high school setting is likely